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Black Diamond Simmering Light with Wood Grain Base #4017208

Set the mood of your room with this black glass shade accented by a silver metallic diamond design. The masculine vibe make it a transitional piece ideal for an office, formal living area or library.
Dimensions: 5'' diam. X 6.5'' H
Every Simmering Light includes:
1. A Warming Dish- Glass dish to fill with Sprinkles that goes over the Warming Shade.
2. Warming Shade- Glass cylinder that holds the Warming Dish and rests on the Lighting Base.
3. Lighting Base- Includes a light bulb, which emits light and heats the Sprinkles.
Every Warming Shade and Lighting Base are interchangeable. Mix and match to set whatever mood or occasion.
Cleaning the Warming Dish- When the dish is room temperature, place it in the freezer for 15 mins. Then tap the dish and the frozen wax falls out.


Free shipping starting at $60 within the contiguous U.S.