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Beautiful Butterfly Vase Reed Diffuser - NEW #4017054

Beautiful as a butterfly, this uniquely shaped ceramic vase features curly reeds to soak up your favorite Soaks scent. Measures: 4.65' l. x 2' w. x 3' h.
Reeds:  Pink Zebra Reed Diffusers (natural sticks in a bottle of liquid fragrance) in a dry form that you add your Soaks liquid to.  Add Soaks Fragrance or blend a combination to create your own fragrance recipe. PZ Reeds are rattan. Rattan is made from one of many slender palm species. These are different from bamboo in that they are not hollow or segmented. There is no glue used, just a dried natural stem.
Don't forget your Soaks Fragrance Oil. (Sold Separately)


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