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Positive Paisley Go-Card Variety Pack #4017360

Do What Makes You Happy and Live the Life You Love! Enjoy a little daily reminder from our favorite mascot, Paisley! And of course, Go-Cards are soakable so you can also enjoy a daily dose of your favorite Soaks fragrance. They come pre-packed in a zip lock bag for easy soaking and re-soaking. Hang these anywhere you need a pop of positivity and fragrance or add to a greeting card to make someone’s day! Measures: paisley= 2” w X 3” h, oval= 2.5” w X 3”h, cloud= 2.95” w X 2.25” h
Go-Cards provide a plug-free, flame-free alternative for fragrancing any small space. Simply add your favorite Diffuser Oil fragrance and hang in your car, on doorknobs, on backpacks, in bathrooms or even around a Simmering Light or Reed Diffuser.
mobile air fresheners ready to accept your personal blend of Soaks fluid for your on-the-go and small space fragrance needs. Apply up to 2 squirts of liquid Diffuser Oil directly to the product over a protected surface or inside a plastic bag. Do NOT oversoak to prevent the liquid from dripping onto other surfaces and avoid direct contact with all surfaces including car surfaces. Reapply in the same manner to refresh as needed. Fragrance will typically remain acceptable for a range of a few days to one week depending on environment and personal fragrance strength preference.
Diffuser Oil sold separately


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