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Smoked Bourbon 3.75 fl. oz. Soaks #4019393

My family would always celebrate the holidays together at my grandfather’s cabin in the mountains. We had a tradition that on the last night we would sit around the fire and drink an Old Fashioned together. It was my grandfather’s favorite drink and he insisted it was the best way to celebrate the holidays. As a kid I got just a taste, but the flavors of aged oak barrel mixed with smoked sage and orange bitters will always remind me of him and the holiday season. Love, Paisley
Notes of Aged oak barrel, Smoked sage, Orange bitters
Also available in 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles!
Each bottle of soaks comes with two top options (sprayer and squirt cap) which allows for multiple uses. The spray top is perfect as a room spray, fabric spray*, Trash Cans, Shoes, pets. The squirt cap is a great option when using soaks with our Just Add Soaks Products, Plug-in Diffuser, Reed Diffusers, On The Go Diffusers, and Natural Diffusers.
*please visit the 'Standards & ingredients' page on the Pink Zebra Home Website with specific details on using soaks.
Soaks is Pink Zebra fragrance oil product, made with skin-safe, cosmetic grade base and fragrance blends. The base is free of alcohol, parabens and dyes. All Soaks are blendable and can be mixed with each other. We encourage you to make your own recipes.


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