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Fireside Vanilla 16 oz. Carton Sprinkles #4012133

Our Fireside Vanilla fragrance is a thoughtful blend of professionally created ingredients enhanced by smoky vanilla combined with notes of bourbon, cedarwood and patchouli. Made in Texas, USA. Net wt 16 oz.

Fireside Vanilla is also available in a 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles and Soaks!
Use only in approved Pink Zebra Simmer Pot Warmers and Simmering Light Warmers. The recommended Serving Size for a 16 oz. Carton of Sprinkles is 3 scoops. Each Carton of Sprinkles comes with a scoop!
Customize your home fragrance with Sprinkles, tiny fragrant wax melts that you can mix together. Designed to give your home fragrance variety, you can create a blend that is unique to what you like!
  • Soft Soy wax blend maximizes fragrance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Comes from US produced soybeans
  • Is protected by anti-oxidants and UV inhibitors
  • Is cleaner burning
  • Gluten-free  


Free shipping starting at $60 within the contiguous U.S.