We envision changing the lives of single mothers and their children by helping them to set their own paths and accomplish their individual dreams. We support this mission by donating days of daycare and giving 10% from each product's sales in our HEROES Hope Collection to our HEROES program.


Heroes Care supports single moms by donating days of childcare to these heroes in our society who, through their many selfless sacrifices, provide their children with love in many ways too numerous to count. We help families in your community to fulfill their dreams of a better life.

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“Coming from a single mother home I watched my mom struggle and work overtime to send me to daycare. HEROES is an amazing opportunity for mothers to have some stress lifted off them, so they may focus on what is important, spending some extra time with the kids.”
–Pink Zebra Manager

“As a previous single mother with two young children, I know the struggle first hand of daycare expenses. A helping hand can mean so much and Pink Zebra does that with giving back through our HEROES Program.”
–Pink Zebra Executive Manager

“The HEROES Program sealed the deal for me joining Pink Zebra. I was a single mom for years with no child support! I know how that one day of childcare would have helped, providing something just for myself or extra groceries that week. One day can make a difference!”
–Pink Zebra Manager



We believe in the strength and courage of women, and a superpower in life is to give life. HEROES is about encouraging and supporting single mothers who need it to grow by continued education, growth in their careers, and to be role models to their kids.

Spread the word and encourage single moms to apply to our HEROES program and change a life.