Blend Bash party

Get your Sprinkle on by hosting your very own Pink Zebra Blend Bash! A Blend Bash is the ultimate Sprinkles blending party! It contains all the essentials you need to have a fragrance blending party for 10 guests all packaged in a box. Shop and mingle with friends and family as you earn your way to free product! Contact your PZ Consultant to learn more.



When you host a Blend Bash, your Consultant helps you sort out all the details, so you can focus on inviting friends, having fun and choosing your rewards!


The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards!

The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards! As soon as your party hits $150 you begin earning rewards! When your party hits $500 or more we give a free day of childcare to a single mom! Giving never smelled so good! Don't forget to Sprinkle-Snap-Share with us and post your Blend Bash moments on social media using #PZBlendBash!

Blend Bash Rewards Blend Bash Rewards
Q: What is a Blend Bash?
A: It's a bash! Well that is how we think of it, but it is our version of a Pink Zebra Party, where you as the Host may pick a party theme and then your party-in-a-box arrives for you and your guests to have fun in a shop and mingle atmosphere. At a Blend Bash your guests create their own fragrances and take them home after to enjoy!
Q: What is included?
A: Each Blend Bash kit comes with 8 Cartons of Sprinkles which support the theme, 16 empty Sprinkles jars for mixing fragrances, 1 Simmering Light, 1 Glimmer Candle kit (6), a catalog, order forms and recipe cards for your guests.
Q: Is this a normal Pink Zebra Party?
A: Well we consider a Blend Bash our new normal! No sitting around hearing a presentation, a Blend Bash is centered around having fun, interacting, learning some tips about our products, and creating your own personal fragrance recipes. Plus, as the Host, you still earn our incredible Host Awards!
Q: Do I get Host Rewards?
A: Yes, you do. And because the Blend Bash is so interactive, we are finding that the Blend Bash party sales are higher which mean higher Host Awards for you!