Host A Party

Host a Blend Bash

Discover new fragrances by Hosting a Pink Zebra Blend Bash! A Blend Bash is everything you need to have a fragrance blending party and earn free Rewards! Contact a Consultant to learn more.


Choose from 6 Themes

Work with your Consultant to select a date, theme and party location and send out your official Blend Bash evites to party guests! Blend Bash themes include: Family Traditions, Halloween, Let's Celebrate, Game Night, Simplify, and Winter Wonderland.


The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards! As soon as your party hits $200 you begin earning rewards! When your party hits $500 or more we give a free day of childcare to a single mom! Giving never smelled so good! Don't forget to Sprinkle-Snap-Share with us and post your Blend Bash moments on social media using #PZBlendBash!