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Malibu Palm Tree Accent Shade #4017305

It’s a palm party! Beach or no beach, these palms will appear to sway against the backdrop of any Simmering Light to create the illusion of a colored sky. Crafted from metal and hand-painted in stunning shades of green and bronze, the Malibu Palm Tree Accent Shade stands glam in any room. Measures: 4.15'' diam X 6'' h
Accent Shades are intended to layer over Simmering Lights to add personality and décor while fragrancing your home. There are many Simmering Light options and each give a unique touch to any Accent Shade. Simmering Light sold separately
Accent Shades can be used without a Simmering Light. They can be home décor accessories for your bookshelf or table décor.
- Tissue Box Cover
- Make-up Brush Holder
- Pin Holder
- Kitchen utensil Holder
- Put over a plant
- Use over a flower vase
These are just a few suggestions of way to use a Accent Shade. The multi purpose opportunities are endless!
Accent Shades come in different materials such as (Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Resin etc.) so please keep material in mind when using a Accent Shade in ways other than its intended use.


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