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Lemon Wallhug #4017805

When life gives you lemons, put it on your wall hug and give the illusion of lemonade! This lemon wallhug is a stand out piece that will look great in your kitchen. The bright yellow color and the adorable green leaf detail is such a great addition to your spring time décor. Dimensions: 2.25'' L X1.75'' W.
Wallhugs: are our pluggable home fragrance diffusers that work 24/7 to diffuse your home. Simply choose your favorite soaks and enjoy using our reusable glass vessel. First, remove glass vessel from the pluggable unit. Then, using Paisley's tail as a fill line, fill the glass vessel with the Soaks of your choice. Place the glass vessel into the pluggable unit and turn on! Indicator light will reflect whether the Wallhug is on or off.
Don't forget your Soaks Fragrance Oil. (Sold Separately)


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