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Textured Doggy Simmer Pot #4018049

Personality paw-some! Plus, he only requires Sprinkles! This little doggy features a whimsical style sure to bring smiles to all who meet him. A shaped design and textured finish in varying shades of brown create an elevated appeal for any space from kids’ rooms to bathrooms to offices and beyond. The hand-painted finish makes each simmer pot uniquely yours. The cord notch is located on the back of the warmer and the indicator light is on the side.
Simmer Pots are wax melt warmers designed to optimize your fragrance experience specifically with Pink Zebra Sprinkles. For this reason, our Sprinkles do not perform the same in competitors' warming systems.
Measures: 3.5'' diam. X 4.25'' h
Place the Sprinkles Dish on the warming plate of the Simmer Pot. Pour approximately 3 scoops (1 oz.) of Sprinkles into Simmer Pot dish, turn on and enjoy! The red light will indicate when the warmer is on.
Wax in a warmer does not melt away like a candle, but the scent will dissipate. Once the fragrance level is not strong enough for your personal preference, simply turn the warmer off, let the wax solidify, place the Sprinkles Dish in the freezer for about 15 minutes and the wax will simply slide out with a light tap. Your dish is now ready to add new Sprinkles!


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