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Grizzley Bear Simmer Pot - NEW #4018052

“If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear!” ~ Pink Zebra CEO/Co-Founder, Tom Gaines. If you have heard our trusty CEO/Co-Founder speak, you know this is one of his signature quotes. Let this grizzly simmer pot remind you of your goals while adding a touch of rustic authenticity to your décor! Much of the base and dish are a glazed, chocolate-brown ceramic. The beige ears and nose feature an unglazed, textured finish. Each hand-crafted Simmer Pot is uniquely yours. The indicator light and cord notch are both located on the back of this simmer pot. Measures: 5.75'' diam X 4'' h 
- Place Simmer Pot dish on the Simmer Pot warming plate
- Add your Pink Zebra Sprinkles inside the dish
- Recommended Sprinkle Serving: 3 Sprinkles Jar capfuls or 3 Scoops in Carton of Sprinkles
- Flip the switch on your Simmer Pot Cord. (Red Light indicates your Simmer Pot is on)
- Turn off your Simmer Pot and allow the fragrance to harden. Place the dish in the freezer for 5 minutes and slide the solid wax piece out of the dish!
- Sprinkle wax will not burn off like a candle because Simmer Pot's are flame free.
- It is recommended to change your sprinkles after 3 days of use! Each user's personal preference, olfactory senses and environment all determine when Sprinkles have stopped performing.
- Blend Sprinkles together and make your own unique fragrance
- Add more fragrance or a different fragrance to melted sprinkles to enhance or prolong your initial fragrance
- Use recommended serving size of Sprinkles, or MORE, for best fragrance performance. Be sure not overfill the dish!


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