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Rustic Deer Woolie - NEW #4018106

This darling duo is deer to our hearts offering double the fragrance and double the fun when you add your favorite Soaks liquid fragrance! We suggest trying a new method of blending by adding a different fragrance to each deer and let the scents “blend” in the air! Measures: 7.25'' l X 3.75'' w X 7'' h
Woolies: are decorative pieces of fabric and natural wood. The wool is ready to accept your personal blend of Soaks fluid. Woolies cannot be washed. The fragrance will evaporate over time to allow you an opportunity to Soak with a completely new Fragrance. Apply Soaks along the top and allow gravity to saturate toward the bottom. Do NOT oversoak to prevent the Soaks liquid from dripping onto other surfaces and avoid soaking the wood base to protect surrounding surfaces.


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