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Frosted Pinecone Lantern Accent Shade #4018116

Frosty and unique, this beauty will catch the eye of all your guests. From the trendy twine wrap to the rope handle and textured, abstract pinecone design, this shade is intricately detailed and artfully crafted from top to bottom. The silver glittered finish creates a stunning glow from the Simmering Light shining through. The shade has a cord notch on the back and it sits over the base. This lantern style shade is artfully crafted from a variety of materials including glass, resin, wood, twine and metal. If used without the wooden base the Simmering Light will not sit flat since the metal part of the shade does not contain a cord notch. The wood base is real wood so the natural stain color will absorb differently, making this uniquely yours.
Accent Shades are intended to layer over Simmering Lights to add personality and décor while you fragrance your space. Simmering Lights are sold separately.
Measures: 9.2'' X 6.35'' diam
Accent Shades can also be used without a Simmering Light. They can be home décor accessories for your bookshelf, desk or table. Here are a few DIY ideas for using an Accent Shade. The opportunities are endless!
  • Flower vase accent
  • Plant holder
  • Tissue box cover
  • Make-up brush holder
  • Pen holder
  • Kitchen utensil holder

Accent Shades are crafted from a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, resin etc.  Please keep material in mind when using an Accent Shade in ways other than its intended use.



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