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Sunflower Accent Shade - NEW #4019539

Happiness is finding a field of sunflowers! We hope this Accent Shade reminds you of that sea of golden blooms. The rubbed bronze and lovely golden hues of the sunflowers are highlighted by the gleam of golden gemstone centers. This shade sits on the base of a Simmering Light. Measures: 6'' h. x 4.25'' diam.
Accent Shades are intended to layer over Simmering Lights to add personality and décor while fragrancing your home. There are many Simmering Light options and each give a unique touch to any Accent Shade. Simmering Light sold separately
Accent Shades can be used without a Simmering Light. They can be home décor accessories for your bookshelf or table décor.
- Tissue Box Cover
- Make-up Brush Holder
- Pin Holder
- Kitchen utensil Holder
- Put over a plant
- Use over a flower vase
These are just a few suggestions of way to use a Accent Shade. The multi purpose opportunities are endless!
Accent Shades come in different materials such as (Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Resin etc.) so please keep material in mind when using a Accent Shade in ways other than its intended use.


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