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Breathe Easy Sprinkle Recipe Bundle #4021010

This bundle includes (2) 3.75 of bags of sprinkles of the following fragrances:
Inhale Exhale: Cool Crisp Air, Minty Eucalyptus, Jasmine Petals. 
Sea Kissed Petals: Water Lily, Jasmine, Watery Musk
This bag supplies approximately 96 hours of scesational fragrance! Pour 3 scoops (1oz.) of Sprinkles into a Simmer Pot or Simmering Light warmer, turn on and enjoy  
Customize your home fragrance with Sprinkles - fragrant Soft Soy wax melts that you can mix together. Designed to give your home fragrance variety. Our Premium Sprinkles formulation and curing process immediately captures the fragrance oils, creating optimal fragrance experience,
  • Soft Soy wax blend maximizes fragrance
  • Non-Toxic - Safe and Clean for your home
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in the USA - From local soybean farmers straight to our facility in Sugar Land, TX
  • Is protected by anti-oxidants and UV inhibitors
  • Blendable - Enjoy Sprinkles as is or personalize your space by mixing several fragrances together to create your own special scent!
  • Gluten-free


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