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Amaretto Cream Carton Sprinkles - Signature #4007643

Amaretto Cream: Creamy vanilla, golden amaretto and cherry almond. A thoughtful blend of professionally created ingredients enhanced by essential and natural oils. Net wt 16 oz.
Customize your home fragrance with Sprinkles, fragrant Soft Soy wax melts that can easily be blended to provide you more home fragrance variety. Our premium Soft Soy Sprinkles formulation and curing process immediately captures the fragrance oils, creating an optimal fragrance experience.
  • Non-toxic and safe for use in your home, and around kids and pets
  • Eco-friendly, gluten-free and protected by antioxidants and UV inhibitors
  • Made in the USA at our facility in Sugar Land, TX with soybeans straight from US farms.
This 16 oz. Carton supplies approximately 384 hours of scent-sational fragrance! Pour approximately 3 scoops (1 oz.) of Sprinkles into a Simmer Pot or Simmering Light warmer, turn on and enjoy! Wax in a warmer does not melt away like a candle, but the scent will dissipate. Once the fragrance level is not strong enough for your personal preference, simply turn the warmer off, let the wax solidify, place the Sprinkles Dish in the freezer for about 15 minutes and the wax will simply slide out with a light tap. Your dish is now ready to add new Sprinkles!
This fragrance is also available in:  3.75 oz. Bag SprinklesDiffuser OilRoom SprayCar Freshener 4-pack


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