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Spirit Angel Accent Shade #4020800

Your soul will immediately be drawn to the exquisite angel’s ethereal beauty sitting high atop this captivating accent shade. Neutral hues allow the intricate detailing of this resin masterpiece to truly stand out, including the delicately etched facial features, flowing hair, gracefully posed hands, majestic wings, and a radiant halo. Every detail exudes a sense of celestial enchantment including a textured finish adding depth and dimension to the divine presence. The bottom of the Spirit Angel Accent Shade features an open design, allowing any Simmering Light you add to shine through and truly illuminate the angel and your space. Add a Sprinkles fragrance like Relax - Lavender Vanilla to enhance the heavenly ambiance of tranquility and serenity.
Accent Shades are intended to layer over Simmering Lights to add personality and décor while you fragrance your space. Simmering Lights are sold separately.
Measures: 7.9'' X 7'' X 15.4'' h
Accent Shades can also be used without a Simmering Light. They can be home décor accessories for your bookshelf, desk or table. Here are a few DIY ideas for using an Accent Shade. The opportunities are endless!
  • Flower vase accent
  • Plant holder
  • Tissue box cover
  • Make-up brush holder
  • Pen holder
  • Kitchen utensil holder

Accent Shades are crafted from a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, resin etc.  Please keep material in mind when using an Accent Shade in ways other than its intended use.



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