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Brilliant Pumpkin Simmering Light with Antique White Base - NEW #4020846

A true seasonal delight for your senses, this Simmering Light is reminiscent of a stroll through your favorite pumpkin patch with an abundant harvest of vibrant pumpkins creating a stunning autumnal display of color. Designed with attention to detail, each pumpkin in the patch appears to be hand-painted, giving it a lifelike appearance. The velvety shades of orange, green, yellow and red create a captivating visual symphony. When illuminated, the Brilliant Pumpkin Simmering Light, casts a soft, inviting glow, setting the perfect ambiance for cozy fall evenings gathering with loved ones.
Simmering Lights are Pink Zebra's unique warming light designed to optimize your fragrance experience specifically with Pink Zebra Sprinkles. For this reason, our Sprinkles do not perform the same in competitors' warming systems. Choose between two base color options, a Wood Grain or Antique White Base, to match your home décor. Simmering Lights can stand alone but you can create a more stylized look by layering a Simmering Light with any Accent Shade (Accent Shades are sold separately).
Each Simmering Light includes:
  • Warming Shade - Glass cylinder that holds the Warming Dish and rests on the Lighting Base.
  • Warming Dish - Glass dish to fill with Sprinkles that goes over the Warming Shade.
  • Lighting Base - Includes a light bulb, which emits light and heats the Sprinkles.
Ensure the lightbulb is securely fastened in the Lighting Base. Place the Warming Shade over the Lighting Base. Set the Warming Dish on top of the Warming Shade. Pour approximately 3 scoops (1 oz.) of Sprinkles into the Warming Dish, turn on and enjoy!
Wax in a warmer does not melt away like a candle, but the scent will dissipate. Once the fragrance level is not strong enough for your personal preference, simply turn the warmer off, let the wax solidify, place the Warming Dish in the freezer for about 15 minutes and the wax will simply slide out to discard. Your dish is now ready to add new Sprinkles!


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