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Cedar & Cypress Air Care Odor Neutralizing 8 fl. Oz. Fabric Mist - Limited #4021947

Cedar & Cypress Air Care+: White cedar, fresh cypress and warm amber. A thoughtful blend of professionally created ingredients enhanced by essential and natural oils.
Renew and refresh your favorite garments and linens to release wrinkles and provide a long-lasting fresh scent! Pink Zebra's Fabric Mist features mood enhancing essential oils and is free from any harsh chemicals. It is a convenient solution to breathe new life into fabrics and even set the tone for a more tranquil night's sleep.
Renew and Refresh your laundry with Pink Zebra's Fabric Mist and Dryer Balls!
  • Free from any harsh chemicals.
  • Features mood enhancing essential oils.
  • Natural ingredients provide gentle yet effective results.
  • Preservative- and dye-free formula.
Best Practices
Holding 4 inches away, lightly mist desired fabric. Let fabric dry and enjoy. For wrinkle release: Holding 4 inches away, spray fabric in a sweeping motion until slightly damp. Thick fabric and large wrinkles may require more sprays. Tug fabric and smooth away wrinkles. Let hang dry. Use caution not to over-wet. Not for use on fabrics harmed by water. Flammable. Keep away from flame or high heat. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Some hard surfaces may become damp or slippery. Always test a hidden area prior to spraying fabric.


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