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Adventure Time Glimmer Glass Kit #4023294

This kit includes:
(1) One Silver Glimmer Glass
(1) 4-pack wicks
(1) 3.75 oz. Sprinkle Bag of the following fragrances:
Frosted Pinecone: Frosted wood, cool eucalyptus and vanilla sandalwood.
Wilderness: Herbal moss, bergamot and fresh air.
Glimmer Candle Kit Instructions
After you carefully place one wick or two (in larger Glimmer Glass when noted it is safe) CENTERED in the Glimmer Glass, add your favorite Sprinkles, tap the bottom of the glass lightly on a hard surface as you are filling with the Sprinkles to prevent air pockets, always ensuring the wick(s) stay centered and straight. Trim the wicks to about 1/4” above the Sprinkles, light and enjoy! For best performance burn a Glimmer Candle for 2 to 4 hours at a time. Trim wicks again before re-lighting.


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