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Power Up Bundle #4023415

Hand painted in a gorgeous, glossy navy-blue hue, this uniquely shaped simmer pot’s geometric design is a stand-out in any setting. The round warming dish sits on the inside the Navy Hexagon Simmer Pot. Measures: 4'' X 4'' X 4.25'' h
Simply Lemon: Meyer lemon, sparkling citrus and clean burst.
Cherry Bomb: Tart cherry, tropical pineapple and sugared citrus.
Juicy Orange Air Care+: Juicy orange, sun-warmed neroli and lemon.
This bundle includes:
Navy Hexagon Simmer Pot
Simply Lemon 3.75 oz. Sprinkle Bag
Cherry Bomb 3.75 oz. Sprinkle Bag
Juicy Orange Air Care+ 3.75 oz. Sprinkle Bag


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