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Blue Stained Glass Wallhug #4023996

Elevate your space with this exquisite Blue Stained-Glass Wallhug Décor. Featuring calming hues of blue, aqua and purple, this piece adds a touch of shine and style as it gracefully wraps around the Wallhug.
A Pink Zebra Wallhug is a slim, light-weight, plug-in air freshener that works 24/7 to diffuse your favorite Pink Zebra Diffuser Oil fragrances throughout your room. It plugs directly into any standard wall outlet and is designed to be used with your favorite Pink Zebra Diffuser Oil Fragrance.
Measures: 2'' diam. X 3.5'' h
Remove the glass vessel from the pluggable unit. Plug the base into any standard wall outlet. The plate on the back of the Wallhug can be rotated to adjust for the design of your outlet. Fill the reusable glass vessel with Pink Zebra Diffuser Oil to Paisley™'s tail. Place the glass vessel into the pluggable unit and turn on. The indicator light will reflect whether the Wallhug is on or off.


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