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Seaside Pottery Accent Shade #4023383

The Coastal style of this light blue shade is reflected through a speckled finish, with a textured, raw terracotta band encircling the top in a sandy hue. The shade is finished off with a moveable, braided handle inspired by nautical ropes. Diamond and Hexagon cutouts allow the glow of a Simmering Light to shine through.
Accent Shades are intended to layer over Simmering Lights to add personality and décor while you fragrance your space. Simmering Lights are sold separately.
Measures: 6'' diam. X 8'' h
Accent Shades can also be used without a Simmering Light. They can be home décor accessories for your bookshelf, desk or table. Here are a few DIY ideas for using an Accent Shade. The opportunities are endless!
  • Flower vase accent
  • Plant holder
  • Tissue box cover
  • Make-up brush holder
  • Pen holder
  • Kitchen utensil holder
Accent Shades are crafted from a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, resin etc.  Please keep material in mind when using an Accent Shade in ways other than its intended use.


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