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Velvety Peach Paisley's Pick Collection Duo - July 2024 #4024222

Under late summer's golden glow, I was drawn to the heart of Georgia, where peach orchards stretched endlessly under a sprawling sky. Wandering, I slowly savored a velvety peach, its flesh smooth and perfectly ripe, its flavor sweet and juicy. Inspired by the freshness of the orchard air, I imagined this magnificent peach mingling with the fruity kiss of golden pineapple and crisp Anjou pears. I knew this experience would be the essence of my next creation, a fragrance as smooth and fruity as that idyllic day in the orchard.
Velvety Peach: Smooth peach, golden pineapple and Anjou pear. A thoughtful blend of professionally created ingredients enhanced by essential and natural oils.
This bundle includes:
(1) Velvety Peach 3.75 oz. Bag of Sprinkles
(1) Velvety Peach 3.75 oz Diffuser Oil



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