Why Join Pink Zebra

Whether you are looking to join a community, have a flexible schedule, or earn extra income, Pink Zebra offers a direct sales opportunity to create a business that is “Uniquely Yours.”


Come along and meet us at Regional Rallies and the Family Reunion to view new product releases, participate in business training, grow your network, celebrate milestones, and more!



Online LIVE Sellers Kit
$150 USD / $180 CAD
Value of $500+

Introducing the Pink Zebra Online LIVE Sellers Kit, tailor-made for the trailblazers who dream of running a vibrant online business through the air of social selling! This Kit sets you up to showcase a variety of PZ products and the fragrance subscription plan LIVE! It is fully loaded with everything you need to captivate your followers, offering a stunning variety of fragrances and accessories. Plus, we've sprinkled in some extra magic with plenty of LIVE Blending opportunities to keep the excitement flowing!

Party and Event Sellers Kit
$150 USD / $180 CAD
Value of $500+

Get ready to dazzle and party like a pro with the Pink Zebra Party and Event Sellers Kit! It's your ultimate companion for hosting in-person parties or participating events. You'll be all set to share our scent-sational products and fragrance subscription plan with your fabulous Hosts & Guests. This kit has got it all—from a stunning array of fragrances and accessories to all the supplies you need for blending Sprinkles and offering tantalizing samples. Let the fun begin!