Why Join Pink Zebra

Whether you are looking to join a community, become your own boss, or earn extra income, Pink Zebra offers a direct sales opportunity to create a business that is “Uniquely Yours.”


Come along and meet us at Regional Rallies and the Family Reunion to view new product releases, participate in business training, grow your network, celebrate milestones, and more!


$129 USD / $159 CAD
Value of $387 USD / $515 CAD
$199 USD / $229 CAD
Value of $465 USD / $618 CAD


Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Pink Zebra?
If you are looking for a great opportunity where you can be paid and recognized for your accomplishments, be part of a large family of zebras, love being unique, enjoy creating your unique fragrance and home décor, and believe you have more to accomplish and give, then Pink Zebra is a great place for you!
How do I join?
Just go to the join page from your existing Consultant's site, or if you do not have one, search for one, and enroll under them. You are now part of that team. Note, you will need a credit or debit card to pay for your enrollment kit.
What is the cost to join?
You only need to purchase any one of the enrollment kits (plus shipping and local applicable tax), and you will receive samples, products, and business tools to kick off your new Pink Zebra business!
What is the income structure?
Pink Zebra provides a great compensation structure which will reward you for selling and leadership. You may earn up to 35% on your personal SV each month, plus we offer a 7% enroller bonus when you personally sponsor someone on your team – you earn this no matter your rank! In addition, as you progress into different leadership, you may earn leadership level, mentoring, and generation bonuses.
Do I have to achieve certain sales?
To remain active as a Consultant, you must achieve $150 SV in a rolling six-month period.
How do I sell Pink Zebra?
Pink Zebra is a party plan company and focuses on providing you tools, incentives, and training to support having great parties for you and your Host. We recently introduced an industry leading Blend Bash party which makes partying even more fun and successful. We do support all sales such as in-person, website, and events, in addition to parties.
Can I earn incentives?
Yes. When you first join, we offer you our Quick Start which rewards you up to 575 Pink Dollars (internal money you may use to purchase products!). We also have an annual incentive trip (2019 Ireland) along with other sales and sponsoring incentives throughout the year.